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SHV EveryBODY Education schools team present interviews from the experts to help parents, carers and teachers navigate the world of Relationships and Sexuality Education. 


Tuesday Dec 14, 2021

In this episode CEO of Pink Hope, Sarah Powell talks about the importance of breast awareness. Pink Hope is a preventative health hub designed to connect and inform people about cancer risk. Young people frequently ask questions about breasts during puberty. So, what could we tell them about breast cancer risk?  Resources: See Pink Hope for more information . Find information on family history and cancer at the Cancer Council. For more information about FPV @

Monday Nov 15, 2021

In this Episode FPV Schools and Community Manager Brendan Bailey speaks about the principals of trauma informed practice. We know that we deliver sessions to students, teachers and parents who have been impacted by traumatic experiences. So how can we safely deliver information about sex and sexuality with this in mind. Resources: See Berry St Education Model. For more information about FPV including educational resources go to

Thursday Oct 14, 2021

In this episode Dr Karin Hammarberg explains what happens when people need medical help to make a baby. We talk about what has changed and what the future of fertility treatments might be. Resources: More about Dr Karin Hammarberg, Monash University. See VARTA for information about ART, including how to discuss this with children. FPV  teaching resources and  self paced online learning module teach ART to school students. For more information about FPV @

Thursday Sep 16, 2021

In this episode we speak with Bec Martin from Evolve Education. Evolve delivers cyber safety information to school aged children and families. Bec has worked extensively as a teacher with primary-aged children to support age-appropriate Digital Wellbeing and Cybersafety. Anne and Bec discuss the links between Relationships and Sexuality Education and Cybersafety to navigate the likelihood that young people find sexual content online.  Resources:   See Evolve Education. Bec recommends the Beacon App. Resources, information, reporting and research see eSafety Commisioner also safety guide . Simple, state based legal information at Youth Law Australia. For more information about FPV @ 

Monday Aug 16, 2021

In this episode we speak to author Nevo Zisin. Nevo’s new book The Pronoun Lowdown is a simple guide to the changing language around gender. Nevo makes it really clear how and why this is so important to the trans and gender diverse community.   Resources:  Find more information about Nevo Zisin and their book The Pronoun Lowdown. Minus 18 for support and information. Documentary Disclosure about trans representation in film. For more information about FPV @ 

Friday Jul 16, 2021

In this episode, Cath from 1800MYOPTIONS talks us through the common questions people call with about sexual health. This is a fantastic service to know about and make sure the young people in your life know about too. Resources:   Visit for contact details, and information. Call 1800MYOPTIONS on 1800 696 784. Or For more information about FPV @  

Friday Jul 16, 2021

18000MYOPTIONS has answered over 14000 calls from people seeking advice and referrals about sexual and reproductive health. Many callers want to know more about pregnancy options. In this episode, Cath tells us what people want to know when they have questions about abortion. Resources:   Visit for contact details, and information. Call 1800MYOPTIONS on 1800 696 784. Or For more information about FPV @  

Friday Jul 16, 2021

Over the next 3 episodes I will be talking to Emily and Cath who work with 1800MYOPTIONS.   1800 My Options is a free, confidential and independent phone service that provides information and pathways to sexual and reproductive health services in Victoria – such as abortion, contraception, pregnancy options and STI testing. In this episode, Emily tells us exactly what callers want to know about contraception. Resources:   Visit for contact details, and information. Call 1800MYOPTIONS on 1800 696 784. Or For more information about FPV @  

Monday Jun 14, 2021

In this episode we deep dive into the navigating the world of sexual consent. We discuss how effective communication skills positively impact pleasurable experiences and what that means both emotionally and legally for young people. We discuss with Sue our expert educator how consent applies to real world experiences and how it can have devastating outcomes if not clearly understood and defined. This is an episode not to miss. Resources:  Testimonies and petition from Chanel Contos at Teach us Consent.  Educate 2 Empower Publishing for picture books on bodily autonomy. Blue seat studios  Consent Is Like A Cup Of Tea and other animated resources. See clip by @theroyals and Clementine Ford explaining consent. Book by Yumi Stymes & Dr Melissa Kang Welcome to Consent. ALL our educational resources are relevant to a conversation about consent go to 

Wednesday May 12, 2021

Here at FPV, we are frequently asked about the use of menstrual cups, so we invited Dr Sara, our resident GP, to share her insights. In this episode, we discuss the rise in popularity of menstrual cups as people seek new environmentally friendly ways to manage their periods. Resources: Lunette sells menstrual cups. They also have a youtube channel with short videos about menstrual cups.  Diva Cups also have website and information. Also see Diva Cup smaller sizes marketed for under 18’s. See Choice article and abc daily life about menstrual cups. For clinic appointments and information go to


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Sexual Health Victoria would like to acknowledge that this podcast was created on Wurundjeri land. We pay respect to past present and emerging elders.  

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