Doing ‘IT’

What is sex?

May 6, 2019

In this episode Athi and Anne discuss how to talk about sex with young people. Talking about sex is something that is part of our classes from mid primary school alongside discussions of puberty. Parents and carers might find it difficult to know what to say. Athi shares some wisdom to help start or continue these conversations at home. 

Suggested resources for the podcast:

"What Makes a Baby" by Cory Silverberg is a really gentle introduction to the idea that the sperm and egg join and that's how a baby starts. "Mummy Laid an Egg" by Babbette Cole is a really great picture book for younger children. "The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made' by Fiona Katasukus available as a book and a 3 part animation. The Australian Research Center, in Sex, Health and Society at La Trobe University publish research about sexual behavior of young people.

Transcript available here.