Doing ‘IT’


April 23, 2019

This episode about periods is part of a series about puberty.

FPV SChools Education Manager Bonnie talks through the really common questions that young people have about periods. How they work, myths and realities, talking about and managing periods. 

Suggested resources from the podcast: 

Kotex is a company that will send out free pads and tampons Cottons also have information about periods and starter kits from $5. Family Planning Victoria have partnered with Cottons to create a guide for young people with autism on how to manage periods. You can find that at

You can find out more information about menstrual cups  at is the Australian period underwear company. Has great information for helping to explain how periods work. In class, we use a video from Jean Hailles for women's health. Go to

For more information about us, you can go to

Transcript available here